Child Labour Composition

\Child Labour Composition : Introduction : Child labour is a burning question of the day. When the children of the age of 5-14 years are employed, to work for pay or profit, or without pay in a family, enterprise or organisation, it is called child labour. It has become a serious socio-economic problem in Bangladesh. It is a curse and a satire to our development programmes.

Child labour around the globe : About one tenth of global children population under 15 years of age work in various occupations, some of which are hazardous. Child labour was first recognised as a social problem with the introduction of factories in the late 18th century in Great Britain. In the USA, it was acknowledged ( CRT) as a problem after the civil war. In carlier days, children worked as apprentices in factories or as servants in families. But in factories their employment soon turned into virtual slavery. Although most European nations had child labour laws by 1940, the urgency of production during the second world war brought many children back into the labour market.

Child Labour Composition

Child labour in Bangladesh : Child labour in Bangladesh has become very acute nowadays. Approximately 19% of the total child population of Bangladesh works as child labour. The proportion is much higher in case of boys (22%) than in case of girls (16%). A dense population, limited resources, poverty etc. have contributed to the increasing child labour in Bangladesh.

Children employed in toilsome works : Child labour is a degradation of humanity. At this age, they are suppose to go to school. Instead, they take up hammer, basket, rickshaw or van in their hands and remain unfed, half-clad and bare-foot. Many of them work as domestic servants, whereas sometimes they are engage to work in the fields, shops, hotels, restaurants and small factories. They are also seen to break bricks and to carry other building materials.

Causes of child labour: The root cause behind child labour is poverty. As most of the families have low income, their children are force to do manual labour to support their families. Often employers offer low pay for certain jobs which the grown ups do not do. Such kinds of jobs are done by children. Unawareness and apathy of the parents towards education is another cause for child labour in Bangladesh. So, poverty, exploitation, deprivation and lack of good monitoring of law are the main causes of child labour.

Child Labour Composition

Effects / Consequences : Child labour destroys the sweet period of childhood and face the children with the hard realities of life. Wherever they are employ, they are deprived of proper care, food, medical treatment and basic human rights. Children work for longer hours but they are not give due wages. Sometimes, they have to work in unhealthy atmosphere and are involve in risky or dangerous work. All are against the dignity and self esteem of a child. It hampers their education as well as their physical and mental development. Therefore, if childhood is wasted in manual labour, they will not be able to lead the nation in the future.

Laws regulating child labour in Bangladesh : Child labour is not illegal in Bangladesh. But the law discourages the employment of children. There is a number of laws and Acts relating to the protection and welfare of children in Bangladesh. The shops and Establishments Act (1965) prohibits employment of children below 12 years in shops and commercial establishments. The Factories Act (1965), The Minimum Wages Ordinance (1961), the Children’s Act (1974) etc. provide for minimum age, wages and other facilities for juvenile workers in Bangladesh.

Child Labour Composition

Prevention : As a nation, we cannot remain simply a silent observer of child labour. Both the Govt. and other NGO’s should work together to root out this evil from the society. For this, Poverty alleviation programme must be strengthened. Poor parents should be paid allowances to increase their income. Govt. must ensure that children do not drop out (197) from schools. Strict laws should be enacted and enforce ( against employing children in manual work. After all, mass awareness against child labour should be raise amongst all people.

Conclusion : Children of today are the future of a country. A country of children without the of the nation. In effect, they become a long standing burden on the nation. So, all of us must strive against child labour and ensure a peaceful, carefree and secured world ight of education and having ill-health expedite the degeneration for our children.

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