Road Accident Paragraph

Road Accident Paragraph : A Road accident is almost a regular incident in our country. Everyday we find many a tragic report of road accident in our dailies with ghastly pictorial details. In fact, it happens inspite of every effort to prevent it. Day before yesterday I witnessed a terrible accident that happened a few yards away from our college gate. An old man was about to cross the road in front of our college. He was knocked down by a speedy bus which was rushing from behind. That man was perhaps unaware of it, and the driver could not see him earlier as there was a sharp turn of the road. Besides, he was driving the vehicle in a breakneck speed, so when he took notice of the old man it was too late for him to limit the pace.

Although he tried with all his might to save the elderly man, fortune did not allow more than a few seconds to survive. All these were happening in the twinkle of an eye. I thought him to bed dead. Thank God, he lay senseless with a sudden shock and wounds he received. Meanwhile an excited crowd had gathered there. They used filthy abuses who were out of their reach then. I took the wounded man into a car and requested the driver to reach us the Medical College Hospital. The old man was nursed back to life again by the doctors and nurses. I never forget this tragic accident in which the old man had to suffer a lot.

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